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is there anyone else out there?

2/4/10 12:17 pm - dang_dodo_ditty - Demonia Creeper Boots for sale

Details and more photosCollapse )

I bought them for $280, selling for $200. I'd rather sell them to someone in Perth so I don't have to ship the fuckers, but I really want to sell them, so talk to me anyway if you're out of Perth. I'm happy to deliver for cash, or after a bank transfer has gone through. I don't have a paypal or paymate account.

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6/8/09 05:47 pm - noirdusoleil - Two Noir du'Soleil songs on BLAM HONEY's new album [Providence of Decadence]

I am very excited to be able to release this news now! We have 2 songs coming out on the new BLAM HONEY memorial album [Providence of Decadence]. Each song features a different vocalist, with all the music/electronics/production by Noir du'Soleil. We worked with two very talented and different singers, Selia from Seileen and the famous DJ Chihiro... This arrangement was actually chosen by RYONAI!

BLAM HONEY were a big influence on my when I first started making my own electronic music, so to now be included on a release with them is a great honour!! Please don't miss out on your chance to get this amazing release~

BLAMHONEY has earned constant acclamation around the world for its original
industrial sound and one-of-a-kind visual image that transcends gender
boundaries. Their next release is a 3-disc memorial collection including
previously unreleased songs, remixes, and videos created since the passing
of TATSUYA! They will hold a one-day revival live to commemorate the
memorial release on July 12 at Ikebukuro ROSA, during which the collection
will be available for presale at the venue. Purchases made via the online
shop will also include a demo recording as a bonus track. A portion of the
album profits will be contributed to a donation fund. Due to this, please be
aware that online orders will include an extra shipping charge.
Industrial / Gothic / Electro

album [Providence of Decadence]
July 12, 2009 Live & Online shop pre-sale
August 26, 2009 In store
Label: Darkest Labyrinth
Disc number: DLBH-1
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CD baby, Code 7
Price: 50USD
2CD+DVD, Picture label, 12page booklet
Limited: 1000copies

[Disc:1 (Restoration-CD)]
Providence of Decadence
01. ~Providence~
03. ~The end when it dies~
05. ~Serenade~
07. ~The incomplete sky~
09. ~To the truth~
11. ~Eternity~

[Disc:2 (Remix&Cover-CD)]
01. Providence (Cover / SUPPURATE SYSTEM)
03. RINK (Cover / GOTHIKA)
04. Geneous Forture In The Garden (REMIX / Madam Luciel)
05. Changing Spout In My Head (Cover / CygnosiC feat MICAEL)
06. Deep Hole (REMIX / harshrealm)
07. RINK (Cover / Lesemajesty)
08. Geneous Forture In The Garden (Cover / Spectrum-X)
09. RINK (REMIX / DJ Lucie)
10. Hyper Aesthesia (Cover / Noir du'Soleil feat. DJ Chihiro)
12. Tranceperent Sky (Cover / Noir du'Soleil feat. Selia from Seileen)
13. RINK (Cover / GPKISM)
14. Myacthenia (REMIX / Tyler Wheeler)

[Disc:3 (Recall-DVD)]

Official WebSite

Online shop:

E-MAIL: cure@music.email.ne.jp

4/26/09 09:34 am - noirdusoleil - New Free MP3 - Noir du'Soleil x Angelspit

Noir du'Soleil x Angelspit
I am pleased to announce that we are uploading our remix of Angelspit's "Grind" as free download!!!
I worked very hard on this remix, so I really hope you will enjoy it! We are making it available directly to fans as a free high quality (320 kbps) MP3.

You can download the file HERE.

If you like this track please share it with everyone you know, give it to local DJs, friends, family, enemies?, and help spread the word about Noir du'Soleil =D


4/6/09 02:46 pm - noirdusoleil - Noir du'Soleil official website launched!!

Hello everyone!!!

I'm very pleased to announce that our official website is finally up... XD


Here you will find our free MP3s, song lyrics (I know a few people asked for that one!), and more. You can also subscibe to our mailing list, and our blog/news rss feed.

There is also a promotional area for DJs which contains exlusive free MP3 files, info about song BPM, etc. You will need a username and password to get in here. If you are a DJ and want access to this area please contact us through info [at] noirdusoleil [dot] com. Be sure to include info about what clubs/radio shows you DJ for.

I hope you will enjoy the website!!

Koe. xoxo

3/5/09 04:54 pm - noirdusoleil - ~Into The Sky~ Deluxe Edition Release Party

Noir du'Soleil and Sin Club host what promises to be a memorable evening for the Perth dark alternative and underground music communities. Joined by local Industrial/Gothic-Rockers TRASH MADONNA and DJ's Boxer and Asciimov they will celebrate the release of their first international album. Don't miss this evening of decadent harsh electro, gothic flair, and twisted noise!

DATE: Sat 21st of March 2009
ADDRESS: Sin Club - 45 Murray St Perth
TIME: 10pm - late
COST: $10 (18+ ID required)

1/6/09 01:35 pm - muffiespank - SPANK! fetish & fantasy dance party returns 28 Feb with 'Circus Berserk'

SPANK! presents 'Circus Berserk'
Marquis de Sade meets Cirque du Soleil!!!

Our 5th and most ambitious party so far - and this time we have an even fuller bucket of jaw-dropping fetishy entertainment for you... including a stunning latex & zentai show by Flesh Rubber (never before seen in Perth), and a gorgeous themed photo booth where Warped Photography will capture your portraits for eternity. Too much to mention here, just prepare to be agog with amazement!!

The last SPANK! saw 500 preening partygoers - all in outrageous outfits - dancing their arses off, drinking in the sexy floorshows, playing in the dungeon and flirting like it was going out of fashion.

This SPANK! promises to be even more popular than our last party, so tickets may even sell out prior to the night. And remember that SPANK! doesn't come around very often, so don't miss out... this will be THE alternative event to attend on Labour Day long weekend...

Online tickets now on sale... see www.spankproductions.com.au or the Facebook group 'SpankParty Australia' for details & link to Ticketmaster, plus more info & past event photos. And become a Spank member via either site (it's free and only takes a few seconds!) for the chance to win sexy boy/girl accessories & toys!!

12/10/08 11:24 am - dang_dodo_ditty

if you're interested in seeing some suspension, come and check us out :)

11/4/08 01:58 pm - tiberius_n - Birthday Massacre at Sin club soon

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10/25/08 12:40 pm - genderfcukbel - New Leather Vest and Leather pants for sale



10/12/08 01:39 pm - genderfcukbel - Leather For sale

In an Effort to Fund my newly commissioned custom made leather corset By AlladinE 

Leather Vest

Leather Pants

Leather Corset

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